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Making Moving Easier

When my boss asked me to move halfway around the world, I was nervous about how to make the transition easy for my kids. In addition to changing schools, they would also be dealing with a brand new set of circumstances, including leaving their friends behind. To make things a little easier, I decided to do a little research. I found a lot of tips from other parents who had gone through the same things, and they explained how to make moving easier for their kids. This blog is designed to do the same thing for you. Read these tips to make your next move a breeze.


3 Things You Can Do to Help Your Movers

Hiring full-service residential movers to help with your move will make the process much easier for you. The movers will come in and pack your house up as well as load and unload the truck. That doesn't mean that you are entirely off the hook. You need to do a few things to make the movers' jobs more manageable. 

Measure Doorways

You need to make sure that you measure doorways and stairways before the movers come. You should also measure your large furniture. The reason to do this is to make sure that the furniture can get through the doorway or if you need to take legs off or remove doors. It may have been a while since you got the furniture into your house, so you may not remember exactly how you got the stuff in. Let the movers know the measurements and what furniture may be problematic. 

Load Your Car

You will need things as soon as you get to your new house or have items that can't go on your truck. You want to load your car up with those things, so they are out of the way when the movers get there. These include bedding, clothes, medications, pet paraphernalia, and pets. If you have plants and are moving out of state, your movers may not be able to put the plants on the truck, so make sure you check with the movers to see if the plants need special arrangements. 

Create a Do-Not-Pack Zone

Make a place in your yard, driveway, or house where you can put things you don't want the movers to pack or load into the truck. It doesn't take a lot to create a zone like this. All you need to do is just grab some tape, make a square on the ground, and write a sign declaring it off-limits. As you run across things you need to handle or dispose of, put them into that area. Make sure you point it out to the movers so that no misunderstandings happen. 

Moving is never a fun thing, even if it's something that you really want to happen. One way to make it easier is to hire a full-service moving company to pack up your house and load and unload your truck. You can do things that will make the movers' jobs easier on them, which will make your entire move much smoother.