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What Do Professional Piano Movers Have That You Don't?

You probably wouldn't hire a professional couch mover if you needed to relocate a sofa. And you don't need to call a stove mover every time you want to move your stove. So, at first, it might seem a little strange that you'd hire a piano mover to move your piano. However, pianos are large but surprisingly delicate instruments, and the need for specialized movers is definitely not an over-reaction. There are a few things professional pianos have to offer that the average person does not.

Strong People

Pianos are incredibly heavy — often heavier than anything else in your home, besides maybe a big safe. A grand piano typically weighs about 700 pounds, and a concert grand piano can weigh as much as 1200 pounds! You need more than one or two strong people to move a piano. Professional piano moving companies employ teams of individuals who are comfortable lifting this weight. They lift this weight often, too, which means that are better able to maneuver pianos safely around corners and through halls in spite of their weight.

Strong Equipment

Piano moving companies also come equipped with the right equipment to lift and move a piano safely. Their workers generally have moving straps that allow them to distribute the weight more evenly across their shoulders. And these moving straps are appropriately sized and rated for use with pianos. They may also have dollies or carts that can load the piano on if the situation calls for this. While you could buy this equipment, doing so just to move a piano would probably cost more than simply hiring piano movers.

Protective Skills

There are certain things that can never be done with a piano if you want to avoid damaging it. For example, pianos should not be turned on their sides. They should not be exposed to temperatures outside a certain range, either. Piano moving companies know these guidelines, and they follow them in order to ensure your piano remains in great shape. It's worth paying a little more for this knowledge rather than risking causing damage to your piano accidentally during a move.

In addition to all of the things above, piano moving services also have moving trucks that they know, for a fact, your piano will fit into! So, as you can see, hiring one of these specialized companies is not silly after all, and is actually a very smart buy. Speak with a company like Pro Piano Movers today for more information.