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When my boss asked me to move halfway around the world, I was nervous about how to make the transition easy for my kids. In addition to changing schools, they would also be dealing with a brand new set of circumstances, including leaving their friends behind. To make things a little easier, I decided to do a little research. I found a lot of tips from other parents who had gone through the same things, and they explained how to make moving easier for their kids. This blog is designed to do the same thing for you. Read these tips to make your next move a breeze.


What You Need To Know About Self-Storage And Your Craft Blog Business

How can self-storage help your growing craft blogging business? If you're a DIY blogger, take a look at what you need to know about facility rental and use.

Why Choose a Storage Rental?

Has your business outgrown your in-home workspace? A craft blog requires bright, bold photos that detail the projects you write about. This means you need a stash of crafting supplies, artificial lighting, props, and plenty of photography equipment.

If you don't have an extra area at home to store your blogging craft and photography items, an off-site rental can help. This option gives you a place near your home to keep anything necessary to make your blog work. It also allows you to de-clutter your personal space and separate business from the rest of your life.

What Supplies Can You Store?

Now that you know why you should choose a rental unit, it's time to take the next step and decide what to store. Before you rent a storage unit or move anything into the space, talk to the facility's manager or staff about the company's rules and regulations. Most facilities have a list of prohibited items. These often include anything potentially hazardous, flammable, or perishable.

Craft supplies you may need to leave at home include paint thinners, some types of paints, cleaning products, food items, or anything wet/potentially messy. If your storage unit is climate-controlled, it's possible to keep the temperature and humidity-sensitive items (such as modeling clay) safe. But if there are no climate controls in the unit or the item is extremely delicate, store the arts and craft material at home.

What Type of Storage Unit Should You Choose?

Again, some items require climate controls. Along with clay and other similar temperature/humidity-sensitive items, electronics also require a mid-range temperature and low moisture level. If you have camera or recording equipment to store, ask the facility if they offer climate-controlled rentals.

While temperature and humidity are important factors, size is also a consideration when choosing a storage unit. Assess your storage needs before you choose a rental size. If you have boxes and bins filled with excess crafting materials or furniture that you use for blog photography props, you may need a larger unit.

How Should You Store Your Craft Blogging Supplies?

Organize your storage unit by type of supply, blog post, or another category that makes sense to you. Place similar items into the same container and seal cardboard boxes or bins completely. This can help to keep dust and debris away from your craft blogging supplies. Label each container clearly with the name of the supply or the blog post it belongs to.

Contact a local self-storage facility to learn more.